Ambiance hotels in the City of Groningen

In the city of Groningen, there are enough places to stay at. For those looking for a special, adventurous or romantic overnight stay we have compiled a list of possibilities.

Het Paleis

Boterdiep – For art-lovers, Groningen has Het Paleis, a hotel with ten unique rooms. Every room is decorated based on an art movement: Art Deco, Minimalism, Surrealism, Arte Povera, Cubism, Pop Art, Constructivism, Dadaism, Color Field and Expressionism. You can choose your art movement, or you can let the hotel surprise you.
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The Student Hotel

Boterdiep – Everybody Should Like Everybody. A giant board with these words, as said by artist Andy Warhol, has recently come to decorate the façade of The Student Hotel Groningen. A message in the spirit of the hotel’s wish: to create encounters. As the name suggests, mostly students stay here, but tourists and those on business trips are also welcome to come for a visit.
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Kleine Butjesstraat – In the midst of the historical city center of Groningen, you can find two historical warehouses with foundations dated back to the sixteenth century. Therein you can find three apartments for rents. Monumental from the outside, but modern on the inside; the warehouses are fully equipped. In short, a lovely place to stay during your trip to Groningen.
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Martinikerk – The Prinsenhof Hotel resembles a oasis of calm in the city center of Groningen. From the charming room with the built-in chaise lounge and royal view over the Prinsentuin, to the 70 square meter Loft with a double rain-shower with a view, the big room under the joists with a big bathroom on the entresol, or a junior suite with a canopy bed and fireplace: there is so much to enjoy at the Prinsenhof.
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Miss Blanche

Brugstraat – At Miss Blanche, you can stay in hotel rooms or apartments at special and historical spots in Groningen: the Hoge der A, the Brugstraat and the Kleine der A. Privacy, luxury and comfort come together in the tastefully decorated spaces, from which you can easily discover the city center of Groningen. And for a bite or a drink you won’t have to go far, Café de Sigaar, Restaurant de Pijp and the Bakkerij Blanche are very close by.
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Hotel Ship de Mars

Hoge der A – During the winter-period, November through April, the hotel ship de Mars is docked along the Hoge der A in the city center of Groningen. Under the deck you will find cabins for two or four people, while you can admire the views of historic warehouses and buildings along the canals above it. And thanks to the central location in the bustling city center, various sights and attractions are within reach.
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