A guide to Groningen: Doing the groceries in a fun way

Locals are your best cityguide to Groningen. Learn from the locals, discover their hotspots and feel at home in this awesome and down-to-earth city. A city where students,  scientists and entrepreneurs cycle to work every morning. Where nature goes hand in hand with stunning architecture. And where you can find many little groceries where you can get the most delicious foods. Emma lives in Groningen and she loves to share her favorite groceriestores with you. 

Food Market at the Vismarkt (Fish Market)

Groningen has a perfect food market every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday on the Fish Market (Vismarkt). I just can't get enough of the weekend vibe this market has and I love starting my day here when I'm on my foodie tour. It's the perfect place to get some fresh and affordable fruits and veggies. Of course you shouldn't miss out on some fresh fish, after all: we're on the one and only Fish Market. A must try is the Dutch snack Kibbeling or Lekkerbekje: deep fried cod fish with a tasty sauce (try the remoulade or the ravigotte sauce).

The Folkingestraat

After collecting some fresh goodies at the food market you can explore some of the best food shops in the Folkingestraat. This street is straight at the Vismarkt and the perfect street to continue collecting some delicacies. Besides the unique food shops the Folkingestraat has some art galleries and little shops which makes this street a perfect place to go to if you want to explore some more.

Le Souk

Foto: De Smaak van Stad Foto: De Smaak van Stad

Folkingestraat 21 - In the Folkingestraat you'll find the North African supermarket le Souk. This little supermarket is my personal favourite! From the fresh and dried herbs to the the dried fruits and from the home made tapas to the amazing varieties in couscous, lentils, cheeses, spreads, olives and nuts: Le Souk is a food walhalla for us all. You will be amazed by the prices too, it's so affordable! For example: a big quantity of peppermint or parsley for €0.50 or dried dates for €0.70 per 100 gram. www.winkellesouk.nl

Grab some bread at BAQ Bread Cafe

Folkingestraat 18 & 19 - After collecting some of the delicious foods at Le Souk it's time to grab some bread. Almost next to Le Souk you can find the bakery BAQ Bread Cafe. Here you'll find your perfect crispy bread and/or pastries for the sweet tooths among us. If you feel like baking some cookies you can go to Cookie Dosis inside the Folk Concept Store, which is created by the bakery BAQ. Here you can buy homemade cookie dough in a cup. They have multiple flavours (like apple pie and salted caramel) and you can add some toppings and caramel or chocolate sauce. Heaven in a cup don’t you think? And if you want you can actually bake cookies with them too, but that will be a challenge since the dough is heavenly tasteful. www.baq.nl, www.cookiedosis.nl

Italian delicacies at Ariola Delicatessen

Folkingestraat 54 - The Italian kitchen is one of my favourite cuisines. If you love it just as me step inside this little shop and try some of the home made Italian delicacies. The place to be for fresh pasta, sandwiches and smaller snacks. 

Buy yourself some special beers at Just in Beer

Folkingestraat 18 - You can't think of Groningen without thinking of special beers. With the multiple breweries and the fact that special beers are a popular trend this shop is a must go to try some new special beers and find your new favourite.

Cheese Paradise at De Kaaskop ("The Cheese Head")

Zwanestraat 24 - Maybe you already realised that the Dutch love their cheese. Once you set foot in this shop you will be amazed by the many varieties of cheese you can get here. This in combination with all the foods you love to eat in combination with some cheese, like: olives, nuts, bread and spread. A true paradise for every cheese lover among us and a perfect place to collect some delicacies for a good night with your friends. www.kaaskopgroningen.nl

Getting a glimpse of the Old Dutch Grocery Store at Kruidenier Wolters

Oude Boteringestraat 10 - Before we had the big supermarkets in the Netherlands we used to do our groceries at a local grocer. If you want to get a feeling how it used to be in Groningen, check this family business out. Here you can find some amazing local (and organic) foods and delicacies. www.kruidenierwolters.nl

Must go to if you love (preparing) Asian food: Amazing Oriental

Korreweg 51 - If you're craving to prepare or try some Asian dishes, this Asian supermarket is the place to be. It's a bit outside the city centre (but hey: far distances in Groningen are never really that far), but it's gonna be worth it. At Amazing Oriental you can find everything you need to make that perfect Asian dish. Are you gonna go for some sushi, Chinese dumplings or Pad Thai (or all of the above)? The key ingredients will be here! The supermarket offers over 10.000 authentic products from Asia so there is a big chance you will find what you want here. www.amazingoriental.com

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About Emma

Hi! My name is Emma and I live in Groningen, the Netherlands. Two of my biggest hobbies are food and travelling. Because of my love for food I finished my Bachelor's degree as a Dietitian and Nutritionist. I try to travel as much as I can and try all kinds of local foods during those trips. I've been to 26 countries so far. I love sharing my travel and food stories with you and I hope I can give you some tips and inspiration for the destinations I've been to!

Emma about groceries in Groningen

Of course there are the big convenient supermarkets like the Albert Heijn and Jumbo, but Groningen has so many little groceries where you can get the most delicious foods. For me it's the ultimate Saturday feeling strolling around my favourite grocery shops and collect some of the most amazing delicacies. In this article I'll share my favourite places to go.

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