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WEEVA restaurant provides tasty nostalgia at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep
‘On the 4th of October 1871, the 'Groningen soup kitchen’ was opened, an important establishment for COMMON NOURISHMENT, with the objective of providing good and nourishing food at very reasonable prices.’
‘WEEVA’, or: the ‘Woon- en Eethuis voor Allen’ (House and eating-house for everyone), established in 1871, was a well-known hotel and restaurant in the city of Groningen. ‘WEEVA’ was a household word, both in Groningen and far beyond. Since October 2011, the WEEVA restaurant has made its comeback, and this is where healthy food prepared with regional products is served by skilled personnel in a nostalgic ambiance. Taste the real Groningen black pudding (blood sausage) or traditional poffert (a ring-shaped cake). In addition, the restaurant serves a day’s menu. Experience and enjoy the nostalgia, skill and personal attention when visiting the WEEVA restaurant.


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