Groningen’s Relief (Bommen Berend)

Groningen’s Relief (Bommen Berend)

To commemorate Groningens Ontzet, there are festivities around Groningen every year on the 28th August. The day is also known as “Bommen Berend”, named after the bishop of Münster, the city which had the city of Groningen besieged in 1672.

Not all of Groningen’s population know the story behind the celebration, which is the perfect reason for the Koninklijke Vereeniging voor Volksvermaken and De Verhalen van Groningen to tell the story at various locations throughout the city.

Various public activities ensure that these parties get the possibility to portray the historical background of this holiday and give them the proper attraction. Some of the fixed attractions are the Zomerkermis, 't Peerdespul and a great show with fireworks.

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