Inspirationfestival Let’s Gro

Inspirationfestival Let’s Gro

Let’s Gro is a free, four day festival to inspire you about the future of the city and region, collecting all the amazing ideas, innovations and initiatives that Groningen holds and giving them an opportunity to shine and to grow.

What ‘Gelukkig ben je hier’ means? It means it’s a good thing you’re here, but it also means Groningen is a place that makes you happy. This year’s edition is about HAPPINESS. What makes you happy? Do you want to keep things the way they are in Groningen, or do you see room for improvement? How can we maintain the quality of life we have here?


FRISSE BLIK Box op de Grote Markt FRISSE BLIK Box op de Grote Markt

Let's Gro Events 2018

Unfortunately, not all events are in English. We therefore did not translate all of them. Below you will find the programme suitable for internationals and ‘language no problem’. We hope you have a great time at Let’s Gro!

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