Romanticism in the North - from Friedrich to Turner

Romanticism in the North - from Friedrich to Turner

The Groninger Museum will present Romanticism in the North - from Friedrich to Turner, the first international overview of northern European Romantic landscape painting. Dramatic landscapes with raging seas, majestic mountains and volcanic eruptions alternate with silent moon-lit nights and serene fields where the solitary traveller seeks a well-deserved rest. Be amazed by more than 95 beautiful works from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain. 

Landscape painting became increasingly popular during the Romantic period (ca. 1800-1850), with artists such as J.M.W. Turner in England, Caspar David Friedrich in Germany and Johan Christian Dahl in Norway. These paintings retain their powerful hold on the imagination. This period also witnessed the birth of a new notion; one which was to exert a profound influence on modern art. Painters no longer just carefully looked at the objective world; they also turned to the subjective, looking and searching within themselves. The landscapes they painted are as varied and changeable as human moods. Nature yields both a historical and a spiritual experience. This exhibition presents Dutch Romanticism for the first time in an international context and shows how significant Dutch artists such as Barend Koekkoek, Wijnand Nuijen and Andreas Schelfhout compare to their celebrated foreign contemporaries.

Romanticism Too!                      
For the lovers of contemporary Romanticism, fantasy and illusion, the adjacent ' Romanticism Too!' exhibition is certainly an unmissable event. The artificial reality landscape transports you to the middle of the natural environment, with the full gamut of landscapes ranging from the charming to the threatening and mysterious. Absorb the surprising selection of modern art, fashion and design the Groninger Museum has to offer: go on an exciting journey from the Black Romanticism of Studio Job to the sweet white collections of fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. Give your fantasy free reign in a dark sound-scape. Experience and emotions are central to 'Romanticism Too!'

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There’s always plenty to do and see in the Groninger Museum: an interactive guided tour for the entire family or a workshop to power up the creative juices.

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