Rumbling Earth

Rumbling Earth

A new musical event is popping out of the ground: Rumbling Earth. On Saturday, 9th July, a new festival will be taking place in the city center of Groningen. The city will be bursting with music.

Talentweb Groningen (TWG), a multidisciplinary network of 80 young professionals, organizes rumbling Earth. They work towards a permit free music city, so that spontaneity and freedom can inspire the creativity of Groningen’s inhabitant’s. The first step is the 9th of July. Seven locations throughout the city center will be showcasing music, more than 20 acts will be performing acoustically as street-acts following a program. During the free time, the Rumbling Earth Locations will be open for all musicians. The city center will be an open stage, for everyone.

Last summer, and during the 2015 edition of Let’s Gro, a pilot project was instigated for the festival, during which a couple of locations throughout the city features musical performances. During this year’s first edition of Rumbling earth the number of locations will be more extensive, featuring the H.N. Werkmanbridge at the Muesum Groningen, the Vismarkt, Grote Markt, Poelestraat, Herestraat, the Uurwerkersplein and the Harmonieplein.

The shows will all take place outside and will be free of cost. When the festival comes to an end, this will be celebrated with an afterparty at Café de Warhol (Papengang 6, Groningen).

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