Tentoonstelling: Anno Smith

Tentoonstelling: Anno Smith

You’ve probably seen his work but never heard his name: Anno Smith. Now you can see an exhibition in the Groningen Museum all about this Groninger ceramist. 

In first instance, Smith was known amoungst artlovers especcially for his use of bright colors. Only later, after the second world war, did his work become popular on a larger scale. After his piece “De Kaasdragers” near the Westerhaven was a success, he was asked more frequently to use his ceramics to fronts of buildings.

Smith made pieces for schools, public buildings and buildingcorporations. If you take a look at the housingflats in the West-Indische buurt, the Rievierenbuurt or the Wijert, you will see his works give a different face to every porch. Anno Smith often worked with heralic symbols. In the 60’s his buildingceramics became more abstract. Though Smith’s works have been increasingly important, a growing number of houses built after the war have been torn down. Thankfully, more and more of Smith’s buildingcerasmics have been saved and (when possible) placed somewhere else.



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