Zeldzaam Mooie Markt

Zeldzaam Mooie Markt

The ‘zeldzaam mooie markt’ will take place on the Vismarkt in Groningen on the 3th of April. Literally translated  this event is named the curiously beautiful market, and true to its name you everything you can find here is unique, original and handmade, or creatively recycled, vintage, retro or another exceptional rarity.

With stands lining the vismarktet side-by-side, you can find anything you can imagine. Looing for some new art ? Or a new toy, purse, sweater? Not only handmade goods are sold here but also vintage articles to go along with your favorite retro style.


Zeldzaam Mooi organizes relationships with a variety of events, markets and festivals for old and young, audiences and participants, for lovers of art, culture and nature. From markets with curiously beautiful products to live music,  from plays to demonstrations or workshops, through out special locations all over the Netherlands.

All products at events, markets and festivals are extraordinary and offered or sold by independent artists, designers or entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. By combining forces of these talented individuals, Zelzaam Mooi creates a large, unique platform of regional products; curiously beautiful markets, events and festivals for inspiration, creation and demonstration, or the whole family.


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