Wine Festival Groningen

Wine Festival Groningen

The Wine Festival Groningen will take place in the historic Aa-kerk.

Tasting wine

At the Wijnfestival, various wine sellers and importers will be ready to tell visitors everything about their wines and will be happy to offer a taste. The festival is the perfect opportunity to taste different wines and discover the differences for just one coin per tasting glass – which is about half of a normal glass of wine, designed to encourage visitors to try various different wines.

A strong red Malbec from Argentina, a dusty Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or a spicy Syrah from the Rhône? You don’t have to pick just one, but can taste a variety and let yourself be surprised. Some cheese, bread or a warm snack will provide the perfect foundation. The church will be filled with benches and tables, so you can sit, and take your time to enjoy. Found something that really suits your taste buds? Use the opportunity to order more directly from the proprietor of the stand in question.

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