Familiedistilleerderij Hooghoudt

Hooghoudt distillery

Hooghoudt is among the most famous distilleries in The Netherlands and has been located in Groningen since it was established in 1888. The family distillery is loved for its Dutch gin, so be sure to come and discover an entire world of tastes. There are plenty of reasons to join a guided tour with friends, colleagues or relatives during which you will learn all about Hooghoudt; literally. See their special showpieces from the last 125 years, in addition to their milestones, while the distillery shows how they arrive at their favourite blends. Ageing, distilling, marrying and extracting; visitors can see it all. Be sure to conclude this package with an optimal tasting experience: various types of our Dutch gins, or a real Hooghoudt lemonade. We would love to know what your favourites are.

To discover Hooghoudt visit  hooghoudt.nl/bezoek-ons. For more information call +31 (0)50-542 00 00



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