Take a boat tour of the canals

There are all sorts of ways in which to explore Groningen. For example, you can see this beautiful city from a whole other angle from the water. For a round-trip excursion, a good place to start is Rondvaartbedrijf Kool. This operator has years of experience organising boat tours on the Groningen canals. Hop on board, look around, listen to the skipper’s explanations and find out more about Groningen’s rich history.

But of course, you can also take a more active approach. Under Herebrug, you’ll find the canoe rental ’t Peddeltje. Take a relaxed paddle through the canals, admire the lovely houses on Hoge der A and even discover art under the bridges themselves.

Art under the bridges

When you’re navigating the Groningen canals, be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you approach the bridges along Verbindingskanaal. Because you’re in for a treat whenever any of them opens: they have art underneath!

For example, the underside of Oosterbrug bears a poem by H.N. Werkman, ‘Gestadige beweging’. In this work by artist Peter de Kan, the 12 verses of the poem are all suspended from a single point. When the bridge is opened, you can read the swaying lines as they slowly come to a standstill.

When Herebrug goes up, it’s like someone has opened a giant picture album. A large canvas under the bridge shows a photo by Rommert Boonstra depicting a small box on open soil. The box contains a picture with a view of the Groningen port that represents the city’s cultural identity.

Pedestrian and bike overpass
The underside of the pedestrian and bike overpass near Groninger Museum has been decorated with a tile tableau by the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. For this work, Delvoye drew inspiration from Delft pottery, so that the picture under the bridge has a traditional Dutch feel to it. The eight different tiles featured on the bridge show fictional ‘children’s games’.

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