City Walk

This tour begins at one of the prettiest churches in Groningen; the medieval Der Aa-kerk. From there, it takes you down one of the nicest streets in the city, de Oude Kijk in ‘t Jat­straat. Check out the Neo-Renaissance Academiegebouw at Broerplein; the main building of Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. This historic university ranks among the top 100 in the world!

Academiegebouw Academiegebouw

Walk to the Kijk in ‘t Jatbrug for an exceptional view of the Noorderhaven. Through the beautiful Guyotplein and Nieuwe Boteringestraat you’ll arrive at the Nieuwe Kerk, which is surrounded by a quaint park full of impressive trees. The Kleine and Grote Appelstraat will lead you through the heart of the spirited Hortusbuurt, a 17th century neighborhood full of courtyards and ‘hofjes’ which previously housed the sick and elderly. Today it’s a lively student area and the loca­tion of several faculties of the university.

The end of the Grote Appelstraat brings you to the very lovely Noorderplantsoen, a popular park where thousands of Stadjers come to barbecue and relax on the lawn during the long, warm summer evenings.

Noorderplantsoen Noorderplantsoen

From the southern tip of the plantsoen, stroll down via the Plantsoenbrug, Reit­diepskade and the river Lage der A along the most monumental part of Groningen. There are numerous sail boats parked here that paint a nostalgic picture of the city. From Aa-brug and Brugstraat you’ll have a beautiful view straight through to Der Aa-kerk. Just before you reach the end of the tour, you’ll walk along the Reitemakersrijge, home of most expensive and extrinsic public la-vatory in The Netherlands. It was designed by world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and photographer Erwin Olaf. From there, follow the water by the Insectenhotel at Min­erva Art Academy and continue through to the Zuiderkuipen, Reitemakersrijge and Munnekeholm, back to Der Aa-kerk.

Canals Canals

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