This is officially the best street for shopping in the Netherlands! And rightly so as such diverse dining and unique shopping options are nowhere else to be found. Scattered around the street are five hidden symbols referring to the Jewish history of this area. The synagogue is almost all that is left after the World War II. Nowadays you can go here for exhi­bitions, tours, educational events and concerts.

Hidden symbol Hidden symbol

Groningen is worth a visit even if you don’t visit one of the events. The city and province of Groningen are ideal for a ‘shop till you drop’ day out. The city has a huge variety of markets and shops to fill your day with fun and enjoyment. The Folkingestraat, voted the best shopping street in the Netherlands, and all the other wonderful shopping streets have a magnificently varied range to choose from. There's a warm welcome every day in Groningen! Even on Sundays, the shops are open from 12 noon to 5 p.m. 

Everyday Shopping Everyday Shopping

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