NO 1. Bike City in the World

Nowhere in the world is cycling as popular as in Groningen. Cycling is in our DNA. Each Gron­inger owns at least one bicycle. Thus, as many as 61% of all trips into the city are made by bike. That’s unique in the world!

Groningen is very bicycle-friendly, this means that bike traffic moves quickly. There are rain sensors on some traffic lights that give cyclists priority during a rainstorm, bike highways are being built and there are intersections where cyclists have green light at the same time. It seems chaotic; but a closer look reveals that it works excellently. The busiest bike path is the Korreweg; every day it’s used by as many as 15,000 cyclists.

Bicycle storage Bicycle storage

The Hoofdstation of Groningen is the best place to see the bicycle craze of Groningen. In the immediate vicinity of the station is space for a total of 10,000 bikes. Secured bicycle storage areas are found everywhere in the city. Convenient, because sometimes bikes get stolen.

If you’re really a cycling fanatic, don’t miss Spaak, the cool, new bicycle café Groningen. And, of course, rent a bike and ride the 20 km cycling tour around the Paterswoldsemeer!

Paterswoldsemeer Paterswoldsemeer

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