SEE - Spots by locals

SEE - Spots by locals

Martinitoren (Martinikerkhof 3)

The locals call this over 500 year old tower “d’olle Grieze”, which means “the old gray”. This fourth highest tower of the Netherlands can be climbed until the third floor. Entrance €3. Buy your ticket and check opening hours at the tourist office.

Prinsentuin (Turfsingel 41)

This renaissance garden, hidden behind an old city wall, includes a rose garden, an herb garden and an area of fairytale-like paths lined with hedges. The tearoom is worth a visit. High Tea: €13. Lunch: €3. April to October daily: 10:00 - 18:00 (weather permitting).

Stadsschouwburg (Turfsingel 86)

A gorgeous building constructed in 1883. The interior boasts three balconies decorated with gold ornaments, bold red chairs and curtains to match. Score a ticket for a performance; the theater interior alone is worth it.


Groningen’s love-lock bridge. For the past several years, people have been placing locks on the railing of this monumental bridge. Be sure to watch out; this narrow bridge is also used by cyclist!

Grand Theatre (Grote Markt 35)

This is a place where stage and pro­duction come together. The Grand Theatre works closely with theater and dance companies and offers them rehearsal space and a stage.

De Singels

These green lanes lined with tall trees give you the feeling that you’re strolling through a park. If you’re coming from the center on the way to the Groninger Museum, this is a quiet and scenic route to walk, surrounded by stunning villas.


In the past, “hofjes” were built to house and take care of sick people, the poor and travelers. In Gronin­gen there are around thirty idyllic hofjes, or hidden guest hous­es. These flowery gardens full of trees and herb gardens are reminiscent of the old days. Many courtyards are freely accessible. At the tourist office you can get a walking route with some nice background information.


This is officially the best street for shopping in the Netherlands! And rightly so as such diverse dining and unique shopping options are nowhere else to be found. Scattered around the street are five hidden symbols referring to the Jewish history of this area. The synagogue is almost all that is left after the World War II. Nowadays you can go here for exhi­bitions, tours, educational events and concerts.

Groninger Museum (Museumeiland 1)

If you arrive by train you cannot miss the stunning architecture of the Groninger Museum. What’s inside is even better. Entrance: €13.

Stationshal (Stationsplein 3)

When arriving in Groningen by train, walk through what is absolutely one of the finest, monumental station halls in Europe. Admire the colorful floral motifs and architectural elements on the ceiling that are made of papier-mâché.

Korenbeurs (Akerkhof 1)

This grand building with a Neo-classical facade was built be­tween 1862 and 1865. It was originally used as an exchange for food grain trade. Nowadays you’ll still find multiple types of grain here as its has become a beautiful supermarket

Noorderlicht (Akerkhof 12)

By organizing an annual pho­tography festival, Noorderlicht shines a light on the development, trends and hypes of photography. At their gallery at the Akerkhof you can drop in throughout the year to see exhibitions by photographers from around the world. Entrance: free. Wed to Sun: 12:00 - 18:00.

Public toilet Reitemakersrijge

Have a free pee in the most expensive and most artistic public restroom The Netherlands! The functional art design is a collaboration between architect Rem Koolhaas and photographer Erwin Olaf.

Academiegebouw (Broerstraat 5)

The impressive Academiegebouw is the headquarters for the 30,000 students at the Rijksuni­versiteit Groningen. In addition to the Neo-Renaissance style exterior, the interior is beautiful and exceptionally cool.

Outdoor Gym & Playground

Outdoor games for young and old! Want to play sports for free between the old warehouses and the water? Head over to the Urban Gym Oosterkade. There’s a children’s playground, an urban gym and basketball court!


The Hoornsedijk is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Groningen. There’s a long, winding path that follows the original path of the river Drentscha Aa. There’s a windmill nearby (De Help­er, Molenpad, Haren) that’s wonderful place to recover from a bike ride around the Paters-woldsemeer. Go for a jog, take a walk or play a game of Frisbee in this beautifully and expansive park. Concourslaan.


Right near the center, this park is a super choice for going into chill mode. Barbecuing is tolerated here, but you can also get a pizza delivered if you can manage to clearly describe where you are!

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