De Kleine Heerlijkheid

De Kleine Heerlijkheid

De Kleine Heerlijkheid is a charming living room restaurant at the Schuitendiep in Groningen. In 2013 it was taken over by Elbrich Huisman and Zaneta Nemcova, who run the establishment with love and devotion. The Kleine Heerlijkheid is known for its excellent cuisine and informal atmosphere, while Zaneta focuses on making everything herself, from the bread that is served with the appetizers to ice cream. All of their dishes are prepared with love, which is evident from the taste. Zaneta originally worked in the pastry sector which ensures surprising creations, and she also prepares classical dishes. The main thing, however, is that the dishes are pure and full of taste, and nearly all products used are fresh and regional where possible. Elbrich ensures accompanying wines and they also serve various types of beers. Delicious meals are not their only merit; their restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Groningen. The current one dates from the early 17th century and has incredible charm, ensuring that guests dine in a quiet and homely atmosphere. Because everything is homemade they can take most things into consideration, so be sure to inform us of any special diet requirements beforehand.


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